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Tree warden school

Each fall, the Tree Wardens' Association of Connecticut conducts the Tree Warden School.  This seven week course located in New Haven is held on Thursday mornings from 8:30-12:00 (dates and location subject to change from year to year). Attendance is required at 6 of the 7 classes and a passing grade of 70% on the final exam. Tree Wardens and Deputy Tree Wardens are given top priority on open spaces for the next session, but anyone is welcome to apply to Tree Warden School. The schedule is updated in the spring. Any questions regarding Tree Warden School should be directed to the office.

 $425 Members /  $475 Non-Members


The TWAC holds two educational workshops per year; once in the spring and once in the fall. The locations of these workshops are rotated around the state. Continuing Education Credits for Tree Wardens and other professions are always offered. Be sure to check out the Events page for upcoming workshops. Events are open to members and the public.

municipal tree care academy

Providing municipal employees with the skills and foundations to care for a healthy, safe, economical, and productive urban forest.

The Municipal Employee Tree Care Academy is a hands-on certificate training course offered by the Tree Wardens’ Association. The course subject matter, location, and timing can all be tailored to meet the needs of your municipality. Employees will be awarded a certificate upon successful completion of each training topic. Instructors are Connecticut licensed arborists with many years experience working in municipal forestry and urban tree care.

As the urban, rural, and roadside forests of Connecticut continue to mature and die-off, there is more need than ever for new tree plantings. Regular care and maintenance of new and young trees by TRAINED employees will result in a healthier, safer, and more cost efficient urban forest. A young tree that is properly planted, watered, mulched, and pruned will grow to be a long lasting member of your community’s forest that will require less inputs down the road.


Who Should Attend?

  • Tree Wardens and Deputy Tree Wardens
  • Municipal tree crews
  • Public Works employees
  • Parks Department
  • Interns
  • Tree/Inland Wetland/Conservation Commission members
  • Sustainability or Green Infrastructure employees
  • Town Engineers
  • Anyone involved in the care and maintenance of municipal trees!
  • Nurserymen, landscapers, and landscape architects


Areas of Certification

  • Tree Basics
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Planting
  • Tree Care
  • Tree Identification
  • Tree Work Safety
  • Common Tree Diseases and Pests
  • Chainsaw Safety and Maintenance


To schedule a training or to request more information, please email info@cttreewardens.org

All trainings are customizable and brought to your location!

Advanced Certified Tree Warden Program

This is a ongoing program that started January 1, 2016 and replaced the previous "Certified Tree Warden Program. 

Individuals who have successfully completed the TWAC Tree Warden School or are a CT Licensed Arborist are eligible to voluntarily sign up at any time and become and Advanced Certified Tree Warden. 

The registration fee for the program is $50.00. 

Upon receipt of the application and payment, individuals may start obtaining CEUs. A registration card including name, address, registration number, expiration date and instructions will be sent to you. Credits will not be applied to educational programs completed before registration as an Advanced Certified Tree Warden. 

Class and Program Credit Hours

  • 1.0 credit hour will be assigned for each hour of an approved Tree Warden Association sponsored class or workshop.
  • 1.0 credit hour will be assigned for each hour of a non-TWA sponsored class or workshop. These will need to be approval by the committee. To determine credit hour approvals contact Bruce Villwock at 860-682-3565 cell or 860-349-3853 home.
  • Time will be counted for actual educational lecture or activity and not breaks, lunch, dinners, etc.


Prior to your expiration date for each class or program attended a Continuing Education Credit Attendance Form is required. Along with the form appropriate supporting materials (such as registration forms, program outline, receipt of attendance) will need to be attached and sent to the TWAC. >The Continuing Education Credit Attendance Forms including support materials will be accepted October 1st thru December 31st of your assigned expiration date prior to renewal. Please do not send in CEU Attendance Forms until your renewal period begins.

when your renewal period begins,
mail your $50 payment with your
CEU Attendance Forms to:

Tree Wardens’ Association of Connecticut, Inc.
PO Box 602
Wallingford, CT 06492

lunch and learn series

The Lunch and Learn Series are mini-workshops offered twice a year: winter and summer. The locations will rotate throughout the state, providing for regional networking and easy access. The topics and speakers will be complementary and supplementary to the larger workshops offered in spring and fall. These low cost workshops will take place during the lunch hour. Food and continuing education credits will be included.

Tree Wardens- would you like to sponsor a Lunch and Learn Series in your town? Please contact us to set this up!

Physical Address: 60 Church St, Suite 3A, Wallingford, CT 06492



Mailing Address:
PO Box 602
Wallingford, CT 06492

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